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...that in years to come, people will look back on the way we currently treat animals as we do human exploitations of the past."

-    Jonathan Safran Foer

As the first vegetarian establishment in Glastonbury the ethics behind a vegetarian lifestyle have always been very important to us, but they were not our original message behind the cafe, which was to disprove the general view of vegetarian food being boring, bland ‘rabbit food’.

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© Credit Neil Clarke

Our aim has always been to make excellent food of the highest taste and quality which just happens to be vegetarian or vegan, and can be enjoyed by everyone. This was the original aim, but as we became increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, and consumption of the planet Earths resources, this has also become part of our own personal reason for being vegetarian.

Some of the Rainbow's team


Naomi Gooderson

Manager & Head Chef

Born and raised in Glastonbury, Naomi has been with Rainbows for 25 years. Taught to cook by the founder of the cafe, she a lifelong passionate vegetarian. (She's also a blue belt in Taekwondo!)

Harriet Gooderson.jpg

Harriet Gooderson

Cake extraordinaire & Baker

Harriet has been with Rainbows for over10 years. A sugar craft specialist she lovingly crafts the cafe's famous range of desserts, and regularly caters for local events and weddings. (She's also a registered ICTU nurse!) 


Wael Zaky


Originally from Cairo, Wael has Lived in Glastonbury for over 20 years. He brings a touch of Egyptian spice to the Rainbow's menu, as well as a huge dose of enthusiasm. (Wael is also a trained scuba diver!)

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